How the hackers catch a cheating partners?

The truth is true only if it is written on paper. If you write a lie, it automatically becomes the truth. The truth that you told a lie!

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  What if I tell you that your entire life is transparent nowadays? Your dreams, your thoughts, your moves, your communications, your purchases, your funds. There is a technology out there who knows everything. A technology called internet. There is also a man. The people with the knowledge to retrieve remote information are put together under this common denominator. HACKERS! 

  Very scary when you want to hide something from the world. Very dangerous for all conventional criminals. Politicians, puppeteers, corrupt statesmen, bankers, speculators. Hackers are hated by anyone who has anything to hide. Like Money, Secrets, Cheating, Dirty, Pornography, Complexes.

  Before launching this series of stories based on real events and people, we will share the basic methods and tactics that hackers come to the truth if they themselves have to seek it out. 


How to find out if your partner is cheating on you? 



  As you know, the basic methods of communication today are mobile phones and computers. Everyone has a communication device in their pocket and uses at least one of the following social sharing and communication applications.




Facebook Messenger


Yahoo mail






Telegram messenger

 Mobile Phone Calls 

SMS Messages


Taxi Apps



  Before embarking on our true narratives, we guarantee that each of the methods of reaching the truth described below is tested and workable. Each story will prove it and will answer a lot of your questions. 


You  have to be 100% sure!


  This is the first and most important rule in this game. If you are in love, even the slightest doubt can ruin you. The only way to be sure is to catch the cheater in stride. In the below examples we will briefly describe how exactly to take control over different chat applications, social media accounts, phones and devices. 


 Spy & Monitor Any Mobile Phone

   The mobile phone is a common thread in all our lives, and it's only becoming more so as time goes on. Spying on a mobile phone can give you 99% guaranteed truth. Below you can find the main ways to spy on any mobile device for free and in some cases without deep IT knowledge.  

  In this article we will briefly describe each spy method and details will follow in the upcoming stories in this series. Each story is describing in details real-live case and all used technologies and methods to find the truth. This is not a hacking tutorial and keep in mind that hacking is a crime.


   Spy any Android device using Lucy